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Streamline processes, manage rosters to meet business needs and reduce manual frustrations of paper timesheets. KeyPay makes payroll easy for production teams.

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Maximise production team efficiencies

With our range of employee apps and features, production managers can reduce admin time, optimise business costs and improve staff visibility.

Holidays Act compliance

Manufacturing businesses face complex payroll scenarios every day, with fluctuating rosters and staff on variable hours. KeyPay automates holiday pay entitlements and calculations, showing complete transparency.

Streamline timesheets

Ensure staff are paid fairly for their time with our Clock Me In app. Hours are automatically calculated and fed into the pay run - no data exports required. View live attendance of production staff onsite.

Easy scheduling

Managing staff for changing business demands has never been easier. Plan your rosters to budget, schedule employees against their stated availability and manage approvals in our WorkZone app.

Employee mobile app

Tired of chasing production staff for timesheets or panicking to fill sick staff members’ shifts? Save time and frustration by enabling staff to clock in/out, enter timesheets, accept shifts and more, all in our employee mobile app WorkZone.

Manage last minute shift swaps

Manage last minute shift swaps

Allow easy shift swapping and bidding via our mobile app to ensure shifts are always filled.

Automate Payday filing

Automate Payday filing

Automatically send payroll data to IRD after each pay run with no manual input.

Integrate with Xero

Integrate with Xero

Map out chart of accounts and tracking categories for cost breakdowns across the business.

Automated deductions

Automated deductions

Automatically calculate KiwiSaver, PAYE, student loan, child support and ACC deductions using real time data.

Configure employment agreements

Configure employment agreements

Configure rules for staff regarding contracted hours, overtime rates, entitlements and deductions.

Streamline your production team

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The ownership of data has been shifted to the staff. Eliminating the need to check data and chase staff, payroll went from being a day long process a week to a couple of hours.

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KeyPay has saved me 5 hours a week on entering timesheets, paperwork and chasing people up.

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Staff use the mobile app WorkZone to manage expenses, view payslips and schedules, and enter leave and timesheets. Time spent answering employee emails has now been eliminated.

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