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Build roster in a flash - Keypay
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The basics

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The minimum framework you’ll need to have in place before beginning to finalise your pay run.

1.   Business settings
2.  Payment files
•  Uploading payment files
3.  IRD settings
4.  Create pay schedules
•  Configuring automated pay runs
5.  Add/import employees (banking, KiwiSaver, tax details)

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Advanced configurations

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If you’ve completed the basics, and you have a more complicated payroll scenario, this section will guide you through maximising KeyPay’s features for a smooth process.

1.   Set up additional pay categories
2.  Set up additional deduction categories
3.  Set up expense categories
4.  Set up additional leave categories
5.  Set up recurring pay run inclusions
6.  Set up locations
7.  Connect to journal service/chart of accounts
•  Mapping GL accounts
8.  Set up admin/restricted access users

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Employee access

Everything you need to make KeyPay accessible for your employees.

1.   Employee portal settings
2.  Timesheet configuration
3.  Create rosters
4.  Clock Me In

Once you’ve completed the above you’ll be all set to proceed to the final stage:

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Pay runs

This section guides you through what to cover to successfully complete a pay run.

1.  Enter employee’s current leave balances, historical gross earnings and/or YTD payroll totals
2.  Create pay run
Finalise pay run
IRD payday filing
Generate reports

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