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JBM & Associates Limited

“KeyPay is this great package in one - and the fact that you can sleep at night, knowing that the leave is calculated based on the Holidays Act itself, is amazing.”

JBM & Associates Limited

JBM & Associates Limited is a chartered accounting business that offers fixed monthly fees, free support and advice, and flexible office hours to clients. Their goal is to help small businesses thrive with a personal and authentic approach to accountancy.

Pukekohe, New Zealand
Accounting and Bookkeeping

JBM & Associates Limited is a chartered accounting business that’s located in the North Island of New Zealand and offers services to clients such as office administration, payroll, tax returns, accounting and so much more. Self-described as ‘small-town accountants with big-city services’, JBM works with over 300 businesses and sets its prices for each client to ensure they pay a fair price. Their clients operate across a variety of industries, including Bloodstock, Farming, Medical and the Trades.

Since moving clients from PayHero and onto KeyPay a little over a year ago, JBM is a firm believer in KeyPay’s value in offering a full suite of services at a great price point. Stuart Ruddell, Director at JBM, describes why they chose KeyPay (dubbed by Stuart as “the Xero of payroll”!) and the superior functionality of the software that has led to hours of time saved for clients. 

Moving to affordable software that “just felt right”

As a tech-savvy accounting professional who strives to work with software that aligns with JBM’s values, Stuart is always on the lookout for tech apps. After coming across KeyPay online and reading about its global reach across Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Malaysia, Stuart was intrigued. “It’s so widely used [in Australia] - that’s what brought me in. It was such a big software that people rebrand as their own.” With over 750 partners who service more than 200,000 businesses globally, KeyPay processes over $26 billion in payments annually. The ability for accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced payroll providers to offer branded payroll under their own company is a unique feature to KeyPay that comes at no added cost. 

A competitive price point was also important, as JBM strives to provide high quality services at an affordable price for their clients. “The pricing of KeyPay (especially their per employee model) where you can then apply it to every client is great - whereas if it’s that standard monthly cost plus employee pricing, it becomes too expensive. This means I can get everyone onto a system that I know and trust.”

Unlike other payroll software, KeyPay is known for offering flexibility. “When I sat down on Google and searched other payroll providers, they all provided a price point for a certain industry or specific number of clients. Whereas KeyPay allows you to provide services to one-man bands, all the way through to big corporations and encapsulates all the software that you would need - and everything that a client could ever want.”

Standing out from the crowd with next-level features 


Streamlined processes were crucial for JBM. The automation side of KeyPay has reduced the amount of time spent on each client, and has helped to keep Stuart’s team organised: “In Xero, it’s all on you to remember and set everything up - whereas KeyPay can automate that to email [clients] about new information that we need.”

Leave, rostering and timesheets

KeyPay’s ability to handle tricky New Zealand leave calculations was also a crowd-pleaser for Stuart, who has worked with multiple payroll softwares in the past. “KeyPay has an easier to use leave interface than PayHero.” The fact that KeyPay, unlike other payroll providers, calculates leave based on the Holidays Act itself has been “awesome” for JBM.

Stuart also notes that KeyPay’s benefits are strongly felt by his clients too: “You never really have any questions from employees anymore about how they got a calculated leave. KeyPay has saved us hours of processing time - it takes not only time off from queries but time off through automation.” When asked about KeyPay’s top features that have satisfied JBM and their clients, Stuart advocates that “automation, rostering and timesheets have all been amazing.”

Seamless implementation and support

An all-star partner success and implementation team was the key to JBM’s success in getting set up with KeyPay. “The training and how to use the product was very good.” Our team is dedicated to helping each partner get started with the software, and always make sure that you’re comfortable and prepared to process your client’s first pay run.

With a plethora of resources at JBM’s fingertips such as YouTube videos, support articles, blogs and factsheets, learning how to use the system has been a breeze. “I haven’t really needed to reach out to support, because the help centre is so large.” For tough issues and times where you do need that extra guidance, KeyPay is always on hand - with efficient and rapid email-based support from 8am to 6pm NZST.

Fostering a long-term relationship with KeyPay

Giving KeyPay an enthusiastic rating of 5 out of 5 stars, Stuart is looking forward to continuing to grow his firm with KeyPay by providing exceptional services and passing the cost-savings on to his clients. “KeyPay itself has come a long way in the short time I’ve been using it; with public holidays coming on board, and the set-up.”

For other accountancy firms looking to offer payroll as a service to clients, Stuart highly recommends KeyPay. “I just don’t trust any other payroll system as much, whereas KeyPay is a good software that can apply to every different business possible - so it’s a no-brainer.”

From automation to rostering and timesheets, KeyPay is designed to suit all of your clients’ needs. “KeyPay provides us with all the features you could want in a payroll software; honestly, it’s just been a blessing - so thank you guys!”

Results summary

  • Time and costs saved for clients, with automatic timesheets and rostering
  • Hours of processing and time spent on queries saved from automation and transparent leave calculations
  • Accurate reporting through KeyPay

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