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Queen Victoria Market

"KeyPay has automated our rostering and capturing time and attendance, saving us a lot of time and money processing our payroll"

Queen Victoria Market

Melbourne's iconic Market, Queen Victoria Market has been operating since 1878.

Melbourne, Australia

Paul Donaldson, General Manager of Queen Victoria Market shares with us their experience of KeyPay:

How has using KeyPay changed the way you process payroll / manage your employees from a payroll perspective?

"Managing our staff via the rostering system has created efficient workflows saving us a lot on processing time and it has improved staff management significantly."

How does KeyPay enable you to process your payroll more efficiently?

"Rosters are uploaded into the employees’ online portal, employees then log into their employee portal and confirm the hours they work, then a manager finally approves the hours worked."

What specific feature do you like most about KeyPay and why?

"I really like the employee portal and the overall seamless user experience of the website and apps."

If using our Plus features (pre-built awards, Clock Me In or rostering), how have they changed the way that you manage your workforce?

"We have moved away from manual rostering into KeyPay electronic rostering and have seen a huge decrease in double handling of data and employee no-shows because of improved communication."

What would be three other benefits about using KeyPay?

"The extensive reporting tools, ability to set up the account easily and quickly and seamless integration with our accounting software QuickBooks Online."

Would you recommend using KeyPay and why?

"Yes I would definitely recommend KeyPay, it’s easy to use and automates a lot of processes for us, making sure we’re compliant."

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

"KeyPay has great customer support!"

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