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"KeyPay's documentation was really simple, and really straightforward. It had all the information we needed. We also had access to a test environment, so that definitely helped in understanding the workflows and sped up the integration process."


Staffd is an applicant management, employee onboarding and e-learning system, based in Australia and New Zealand. Designed by software development company Solvable, Staffd aims to make hiring and people management a breeze for their business clients.

Melbourne, Australia

About Staffd

Staffd is an applicant management, employee onboarding and e-learning system, based in Australia and New Zealand. Designed by software development company Solvable, Staffd aims to make hiring and people management a breeze for their business clients.

As well as offering a comprehensive platform, Staffd works with a number of partners to provide a fully-fledged solution. One of those partners they’ve integrated with is KeyPay – a natural partnership that ties key employee details with important payroll functions. They’ve been able to offer this integration to their clients since partnering with KeyPay in May 2022. 

We spoke to Solvable CEO and Staffd Director, Trevor McBay, about Staffd’s experience with KeyPay, the integration process, and how he sees the future of integration partnerships. 

Staffd supports businesses in streamlining their processes and reducing data entry

Trevor is well aware of the challenges his clients face - whether that’s employee turnover, a tight talent market or a whole lot of admin. With Staffd, he’s worked to make the hiring and learning management side of a business streamlined, with minimal need for data entry. However, there’s more elements of the business that need plenty of the same information, and with that comes more unnecessary admin and manual work. 

Payroll was one side of a business that would clearly benefit from gathering key information about employees - information that Staffd could facilitate. That’s where KeyPay got involved as the other piece of the payroll puzzle. 

An easy integration process sees Staffd and KeyPay unite within just a week

Always keen to give his clients what they want, they were looking for a trusted solution for their needs. Trevor had heard about KeyPay previously from his clients, so reaching out to them seemed like a clear next step. “We're always on the lookout for new products that are complementary to our product, to integrate with, that add value to our clients - a number of clients were already using KeyPay, so we did some investigation around its available APIs and that was the starting point.”

The partnering process was smooth and quick: “We reached out to KeyPay and sat for a demonstration to get an understanding of the product, its workflows and some of the features that were within the platform. We then looked through the API documentation and scoped out the work as a team. It just seemed to be the perfect fit.”

A stark comparison between previous integration builds to partnering with KeyPay

Integrations aren’t new to the Staffd team - Trevor can list a number of integration partners that the company has worked with, such as one of our key partners, Traffio. “Traffio is a job management system, so we push employees that have gone through the application and onboarding process directly into their system including all data and skills. We also integrate with Assignar, Xero, MYOB and others.”

“One of the challenges with integrations that we’ve previously built was outdated API documentation. We haven’t had that with KeyPay.” 

Another barrier to building past integrations has been the difficulty in testing the connection: “The key thing for us is to have a test environment to play with. There’s definitely been times when we’ve built integrations, and we can’t physically test the other end.”

This led to Staffd’s decision to ultimately partner with KeyPay to build an integration: “The availability of a test environment for us to play with has really streamlined the process with KeyPay. That helped in understanding the workflows, and then once we started work on the build, they gave us a live environment to test. That definitely sped up the integration process.” 

The proof is in the documentation

As a result of KeyPay’s API documentation and support from the team, the team at Staffd were able to complete the build in less than a week. In turn, they could also roll out quick implementations for their clients as well. Much of that was down to what they had at hand, according to Trevor. “That quick build time was really due to the good documentation, which is always key with integrations. KeyPay’s documentation was really simple and straightforward.”

The support from KeyPay throughout the build process also did not go amiss: “The feedback from the KeyPay team directly meant that there were no delays in getting information, which really helped us out.”

Overall, Trevor and his team were impressed with how efficient the process was. “The integration process was very streamlined, and it was pretty quick for us to build and implement with our clients. As I said, it took less than a week for our developers to build the connection pieces to connect to KeyPay’s API - so definitely a faster build than some of our other integrations.”

Staffd’s clients have benefited from joining together employee data and crucial payroll information

Since the partnership began in May, Trevor says that around 10-15% of his clients are using the KeyPay integration with Staffd. “Quite a number are using the integration now, and we’ve had a few clients reach out and get some advice when looking at their next payroll system. Given how effective the KeyPay integration is, that’s a key benefit for our clients. Having the ability to push employee information directly from an applicant management system into a payroll system takes away all of the data entry from the whole process.”

The integration with KeyPay aligns with the ethos of both companies - as Trevor states: “At Staffd, we’re always trying to provide benefits back to our clients, and asking ourselves: where are the pieces that we can help them meet their goals? They're investing money in the platforms that they use, and having them streamlined and integrated helps them with their return on investment. So not having to do data entry between systems such as KeyPay and Staffd is a value-add.”

The benefits to clients are clear. “There’s a massive benefit in having a web-based onboarding system, where clients can have applicants who fill everything out online in their own time. Having that all integrated with KeyPay streamlines the whole process, with zero data entry from start to finish.”

Applicant information flows seamlessly from Staffd into KeyPay, both from their mobile interface and online portal.

For KeyPay and Staffd, double the team means double the marketing

The partnership between KeyPay and Staffd has been a mutually beneficial one. KeyPay has supported Staffd in marketing the products and the integration as well. “We’ve had really positive feedback from clients, and I’ve had a few new clients come to us from that. They've seen the information out there so that definitely helps.”

KeyPay’s willingness and openness to work with integration partners is unique in today’s competitive market. “I think it's refreshing to see companies like KeyPay that are willing to work with others to help promote their business. It doesn't happen often enough - there’s not many companies like KeyPay that see the benefit of having partners to work with, leveraging the client base and the information that they've got. It's the way of the future. It's the only way you're going to succeed moving forward.”

KeyPay is partnering with businesses around Australia and New Zealand

We love the opportunity to team up with innovative companies and facilitate streamlined integrations. When it comes to Trevor and his team at Staffd, joining with KeyPay has allowed their clients to unite payroll seamlessly with applicant management and onboarding. 

When asked about what’s next for Staffd’s integration with KeyPay, the opportunities that arise from our API documentation are almost endless. “We’re just about to release our next stage of Staffd in terms of employee self-management for personal details, licences and more. It could be interesting to look at integrating changes to payroll information from Staffd into KeyPay.” Watch this space!

If you’d like to learn more about how KeyPay can support you as an integration partner, get in touch with us (for Australia and New Zealand clients) – we’re always happy to chat. 

Key insights:

  1. Less than 1 week to build a seamless integration between Staffd and KeyPay
  2. 10-15% client uptake and increased satisfaction post-integration
  3. Up to date, clear API documentation and live test environment significantly decreased the amount of time spent on the build
  4. Having the ability to push employee information directly from applicant management into Staffd, and into payroll with KeyPay has saved time on manual data entry and streamlined the process for clients

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