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Achieving compliance with the Holidays Act

Learn how you can spend more time on strategic work without being weighed down by the stressors of compliance.

Understanding NZ payroll guide preview

Understanding New Zealand Payroll

Understand more about navigating the Holidays Act, Payday filing, deductions, and the benefits of record keeping for clients.

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Drive client loyalty through white label payroll

Identify the power of white label payroll in increasing brand trust, driving revenue and adding value for Kiwi clients.

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Fair Pay Agreements

The new bargaining system will take effect on 1 December 2022. Learn more about the Bill and what it means for your SME clients.

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Payroll professional’s guide to KiwiSaver

Learn all about KiwiSaver and how to advise your clients on their obligations to employees.

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Holidays Act compliance: 5 payroll software ‘blind spots’ to consider

Download the guide to identify 5 problem areas you can tackle in payroll software to ensure compliance.

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The Holidays Act 2003: 6 best practices for businesses

Identify areas you can improve payroll, maximise efficiencies and promote compliant practices with this guide.


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Driving profit and adding value with payroll

If you’re an accountant, bookkeeper or outsourced payroll provider, learn more about simplifying processes via automation and adding value for your clients.

Industry interviews

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Raising the profile of payroll in NZ

David Jenkins, CEO of NZPPA expresses his passion for training payroll professionals and ensuring NZ payroll compliance.

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Providing value beyond data processing

Warick Heads from Findex discusses the changing role of outsourced payroll providers and why advisory work is so valuable.

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The value of payroll knowledge

Justin Ryan, MD of EzyPay stresses the importance of having an expert behind any payroll software, and benefits of bureau services.

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Finding the right payroll software

Di Crawford-Errington of Ontrack Bookkeeping talks payroll software, compliance, and how she grew her business.

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The importance of business advisory

Hamish Mexted, Founder of Convex Accounting shares his view on the relationship between advisory and accounting.

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Employment law challenges in NZ

Cathy Pollard, Director at ELT, discusses the employment law challenges employers face, and best practice for compliance.

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Embracing technology to streamline processes

Christina Bellis, CEO of Thankyou Payroll discusses the role of technology in the payroll landscape.

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Getting payroll compliance right

Valerie Bloomfield, Director of Payroll Matters reveals her mission to help employers in NZ “get payroll right”.

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Transforming payroll in NZ

Lottie Bernard, payroll compliance expert in NZ discusses her experience of auditing payroll and implementing change in NZ.

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Achieving Holidays Act compliance in retail

George Stowers from The Warehouse Group discusses how retail businesses can maximise their workforce processes using technology

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