Learn about the value of automating payroll for your clients and streamlining processes

How many steps in your clients' pay runs could be automated? From optimising processes to providing a cost-effective service, our webinar (led by KeyPay experts) outlines the power of trusting automation and using technology to improve your clients’ processes - as well as your own.

The best part? We know how busy accountants, bookkeepers and outsourced payroll providers are. That’s why our webinar is being offered on-demand, so you can rewatch and refer back at any time. We’re all about time savings at KeyPay - with the journey to free up more time in your day starting from right now.

What you’ll learn

The value of automating payroll and the benefits for your firm, your clients and your profit margin

How to streamline your firm’s processes by harnessing the power of technology

How to improve cost efficiency for your firm, and how to pass those savings on to your clients

The benefits of a consolidated system for bookkeepers and accountants, and the importance of advisory and education in payroll

The power of a branded payroll solution in helping KeyPay partners to achieve success and grow their client base

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