Employee portal

Employees can manage their data securely in the cloud with our employee self service portal. Staff can login to the employee portal from any web-enabled device and manage their information, saving payroll bureaus and managers the effort of replying to and managing employee requests.

Employee Self Service - KeyPay
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Employee mobile app

Over 200,000 employees have downloaded our mobile app, WorkZone. With WorkZone, employees can benefit from the employee portal features straight from their smartphone. WorkZone comes at no extra cost to the KeyPay subscription, allowing quick and easy access for employees on the go and reduce admin time for payroll practitioners and managers.

Empower employees

Put the power in employees' hands for a seamless end-to-end payroll experience with real time data.

Employee Details KeyPay


Employees can onboard themselves online, entering their IRD number, bank details, KiwiSaver details, and other personal info. Cut out the paper forms and accelerate the onboarding process.

Leave Management KeyPay


Staff can submit leave requests, ready for manager approval, and be notified of approvals via push notifications. Emails or HR requests are no more.

Expense Management KeyPay

Data management

Employees can instantly view, add and update their personal information such as KiwiSaver details, bank details, and address.

Timesheet KeyPay


Employees can submit expense requests via the app or portal for managers to approve, and are notified when they’ve been processed.

Unavailability KeyPay


Unavailability can be submitted in advance, reducing the risk of last minute roster changes. Leave requests, unavailability and colleagues' leave can all be seen in the calendar view.

Calendar View KeyPay

Time & Attendance

Employees can submit timesheets, entire their time worked or even clock in and out. Managers can approve in the platform and the data is automatically available for the pay run.

PaySlips KeyPay


Employees are notified via email, text or push notification when their payslips are ready. They can download or view their payslips and Annual Earnings Certificates.

Documents KeyPay

Document management

Host employee contracts, policies or other documents for easy access and acknowledgement. No more paper processes or risk of document loss.

Clock in KeyPay

Shift management

Employees can accept and decline shifts, and even bid for open shifts that are shown as available. To save time, calendar apps can also be connected to the WorkZone app for visibility of conflicting events prior to accepting a shift.

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