Automate pay calculations

Our pay conditions engine saves you time and allows for total flexibility over payroll! Do you pay above the minimum wage for certain employees? Or perhaps you offer benefits, allowances and overtime rates?

Build the rules of your employment agreements and automate your unique payroll scenarios! No more manual calculations across multiple systems - everything is stored in KeyPay and feeds straight into timesheets and the pay run.

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Work Types

Tired of calculating and cross-checking work type classifications? Create work types and map them to pay or leave categories - so that each employee’s specific working conditions for a shift are matched to the exact pay conditions under their employment agreement. Simply make the right selection and automate this data straight into timesheet calculations and the pay run.

Rule Sets

Understand how and why specific shifts have been calculated. Benefit from full visibility over breaks, allowances, overtime and location-specific conditions. You can even use our built-in rule tester to ensure pay conditions rule sets have been configured correctly - meaning no more manual calculations (or nasty surprises) on the day of the pay run!

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Pay rate templates

Pay Rate Templates

Manage and update pay rate changes for multiple employees at a time, using our pay rate templates. Create pre-defined sets of pay rates and allowance rates under your employment agreement, which can then be applied to new and existing employees. No more time spent analysing junior or apprentice rates - pay rates can be automated to update with ease!

Bulk Update Pay Rates

Need to update multiple employees’ pay rates, but they aren’t attached to a pay rate template? No problem! Update employees’ pay rates in bulk from one convenient location, either by a monetary amount or as a percentage. You can even choose whether you want to apply the change immediately, or for a date in the future! Save valuable time and minimise errors by eliminating manual calculations of pay rate updates.

Bulk update pay rates
Leave allowance templates

Leave Allowance Templates

Manage leave with ease by choosing from our standard leave allowance templates, or creating your own pre-defined leave accrual values. You can bulk update leave values for both new and existing employees to save even more time on employee management. Create your own templates that are unique to your specific pay conditions.

Employee Tags

Use employee tags to assign unique conditions to specific employees. Once a tag has been added, you can easily update rates to certain groups without affecting other employees. 

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