Customise and automate reports

Benefit from greater visibility over all aspects of your business to streamline processes. With our extensive suite of reports at your fingers, plan for future growth and stay on top of your budget with ease.

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All in one reporting

Comprehensive, all in one reporting

Create payroll reports from four main categories: Payroll, Employee, Time & Attendance and IRD reporting. Filter according to criteria such as date range, employing entity, pay schedule, and location to easily find the information you need - with minimal effort required. You can even connect with journal services such as Xero, allowing data to flow from KeyPay directly into your other systems. Save time and reduce errors by not having to manually transfer data between platforms.

Custom automated report packs

No more manually downloading a report to save, attach and forward via email to relevant recipients! Report packs allow you to configure multiple reports with all of the information you need and automatically send them to recipients on a recurring basis, according to the schedule you have set. This saves so much time and takes the pressure off you and your team.

Concerned about access and data privacy? Don’t be! You can grant access to external users but only provide them specific reporting access - that way, certain users can log in whenever they want to view reports, without being able to access any of your other confidential information. No more waiting for report packs to be sent, as data can be accessed by whoever you’ve granted access to.

Automated report packs

Reports to enjoy full transparency over your business

Pay Run Variance Report

Easily compare data between pay runs to analyse the difference in gross and net earnings, PAYE, KiwiSaver, leave and individual earnings. Save time over no more manual comparisons - any variances will be highlighted to allow for quick and easy review over pay runs.

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Document Acknowledgement Report

Struggling to keep track of which employees haven’t acknowledged important documents? The document acknowledgement report allows you to identify and resend notifications to employees with unacknowledged documents. No more manually chasing up staff via email or text, as this can be done from within the same screen as the generated report.

Leave Liability Report

No more uncertainty around leave liabilities! Easily generate reports to show a summary of the leave type, approved request hours, leave hours total, leave balance and more. View a breakdown of an employee’s holiday pay calculation, for total transparency on how leave liabilities have been worked out. You can even generate a report for a point in time in the future, for full visibility over an employee’s projected leave entitlements.

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Attendance Report

View dates, times, locations and images of each attendance activity recorded via WorkZone and/or Clock Me In. Benefit from greater visibility over activities, which can be cross-referenced against timesheets and rosters to eliminate uncertainty around shifts worked. You can even filter according to different locations, for businesses that operate across multiple venues!

How KeyPay’s report packs work