Easily build rosters

Create rosters online using our intuitive roster generator. Create shifts based on employees’ standard working hours, drag and copy shifts from one employee / day to another, and automatically capture leave, public holidays and unavailability in the rosters. You can even duplicate a roster template to another period, and assign roles to employees!

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KeyPay rostering illustration with Kiwi, KeyBot and employees

Accurate and compliant

Set up unique payroll scenarios for employees including overtime rates and allowances, automatically reflecting in roster costs. The roster will automatically detect public holiday rates, overtime, leave and unavailability.

Build rosters to budget

Our roster calculator provides real time visibility of roster costs, automatically costing shifts based on specific employee pay conditions, overtime rates and public holidays. See the exact wage cost of each roster so you can manage to budget before publishing. Budgets can be set by day and location, based on either a % of sales or a set amount.

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NZ shift swapping feature on WorkZone

Effective employee communication

No more sending emails or chasing staff for confirmation. Notify employees of their shifts via text, email or push notifications to WorkZone. Employees can accept, swap or decline shifts in the employee mobile app, and even bid for any open shifts that come available in the roster. Rosters can even be exported to Excel if you’d like to post these in your office or break room.

Compare rosters to timesheets

Remove the need to manually cross-check data before processing the pay run. Managers can compare rostered shifts to actual time worked within the platform and identify inconsistencies before approving employee timesheets.

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Roster warnings

Roster warnings

Create roster warnings to trigger during the rostering process if a shift breaches specific overtime, meal breaks or working conditions that have been set. No more compliance issues over shift scheduling!

Hear what customers have to say

JBM & Associated Limited

“Allowing clients to have automatic timesheets and rostering has saved them thousands [of dollars]. No more stolen time and the product can provide them accurate reporting.”

Stuart Ruddell

Stuart Ruddell
Director, JBM

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