What is Payday filing?

Payday filing was introduced in April 2019. Employers must now report payroll information to the Inland Revenue Department within two working days of each pay cycle. KeyPay streamlines Payday filing, making it easy for businesses of all sizes.

NZ KeyPay Payday filing

Seamless IRD reporting

Employee Details KeyPay

Streamline reporting

Employee payment reports can be submitted directly to the IRD without having to import/export any data. No logging in and out of systems.

Leave Management KeyPay

Straight through processing

Provide new and departing employee details to the IRD directly via the gateway service. Update existing employee information effortlessly via the integration.

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 KeyPay Assurance

Manage submission errors

KeyPay will highlight where you may have made any submission mistakes, to give you the opportunity to correct the data and resubmit.

 KeyPay Assurance

Easily amend employee information

We all make mistakes. We’ve made it super easy for you to make employee information amendments, in case you made any errors in a previous pay run.

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Schedular Payment data

Schedular Payment data

Users running contractor payroll can submit contractor information as per Inland Revenue Department’s requirements.

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“Since switching over to KeyPay, we haven’t increased the time to service a client, we’ve actually reduced it.”

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